Why Fish?

It was late. I was tired. The Calexis group in Canada already has Ault.com registered. I sent them an E-mail asking after the name, and received a reply stating that they've been offered $5,000 for it, and would I be interested in buying it. I'm thinking about it. I could hand it down to my progeny upon my passing like a family heirloom. Of course my demise may come a lot earlier when I tell my wife that I spent $5,000 on a domain name. I don't see her being really excited about it.

So, anyhoo, I enjoy Douglas Adams' book series, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," and for some reason this line (slightly truncated), from the book of the same name, popped into my head. I went with it. While this site has no connection with Douglas Adams or his books, I would highly recommend visiting his site if you would like to know more. He is definitely on the "required reading" list.

Douglas Adams
1952 - 2001